How To Dress Your Toddlers Baby Boy/ Baby Girl

Have you ever seen something as adorable as a baby girl with a cute headband? Or a baby boy dressed like a sailor with the hat and everything? The little human can be a fantastic project for a mother with a knack for style, but what is needed here is the knowledge of how well your baby is going to fit into character.

Baby girls are relatively easier to style and have a lot of options you can choose from, boys have- well the jeans and the t-shirts…and occasional suits. So, what do you do? Here are a few tips that are sure to make your life much easier.

1.     Comfort does not mean ugly

You definitely do not want your baby to be uncomfortable and as much as we love a onesie it is not the best for toddlers who are being potty trained. It is not necessary that your child needs to look homeless in order to stay warm or stay comfortable, a pair of leggings and a cute sweatshirt with fuzzy socks can make your baby look far more pulled together, and you can always add a cute bandana for your baby girl. For little ones who are getting their diapers changed and rolling over has an excellent selection of the comfiest and most adorable clothes.

2.     Multi-purpose

Think outside the box, you can layer your baby boy’s shirts in such a way that he stays comfortable and warm without the jacket. For baby girls, you can always pair an oversized shirt with leggings or knee-high socks. It is not necessary that she has to wear a dress. Be creative, dressing babies is a lot of fun that way.

3.     What fits properly

It is possible that you might get frustrated with your baby needing clothes from an older size or younger size, but this is quite normal. You might be buying 5-year-olds clothes for your three-year-old. Even some six-month-olds fit into clothes made for a year old baby, the trick is to try clothes from different ages for particular brands and once you know what fits perfectly you can take it from there.

4.     Do not over-bundle

Research shows that most babies are over bundles, even in the warmer states you will find a baby wrapped in heaps of clothes. This is not how it should be; you can get a few bodysuits for your baby during the summer and leggings as well as shirt during winter. Your baby’s skin needs to breath and any clothes that you dress your baby in should not restrict his movement. has a selection of bodysuits and full sleeved onesies that are sure to help you dress your baby in winters by layering up or even in summers without any leggings or layers.

A few recommendations

Always shop smarter with your child, buy a size up in slim cuts to multi-purpose. A tank top can easily be converted into a sundress with a cute belt and you can always turn those jeans at the hem a little higher than the ankle.

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