How to Pick the Best Bottle Warmer

If you are a mother, you know that a crying baby does not like a bottle of cold milk to its mouth, and some children may not take up the idea of breast milk unless it’s warm. Bottle warmers are an excellent option; they are safe, easy to clean and do a far quicker job of getting the milk to the right temperature than other methods.

Which one is the best bottle warmer for you? Here are a few things you should consider when deciding which bottle warmer to buy. There are several options available in the market, and it can get a little confusing.

1.     The Heating Process

When looking for the best bottle warmer, check its speed settings and consistency of the warmth. You do not want hot spots in your baby’s milk, and of course, you want it to reach the preferred temperature as soon as possible. Most available bottles are sure to have options for warming the bottle quickly and also an option to keep the bottle warm. This will help keep the bottle at the ideal temperature until you remove it from the bottle warmer.

2.     User-Friendly

You do not want to be pressing buttons and carrying out procedures when the baby wants milk. A gadget that is easy to use, where you can easily input and remove the bottle is the ideal bottle warmer. Bottle warming isn’t fun with a cranky baby; you will always want something that easies to figure out even for a layperson and someone who has no idea of baby gadgets. The design should be fool-proof, and the dials on the warmer should be easy to understand.

3.     Easy To Clean

You don’t want something that has crevices that are hard to reach and wash. Choose a bottle warmer that is easy to clean and can be cleaned thoroughly. It should also be easier to disassemble and assemble. Usage of bottle warmer over time can deposit residue or even build a mold in the gadget. This is extremely unhealthy for the child; hence get one that can be cleaned frequently and thoroughly.

4.     Safe to Use

Safety is a priority with electrical appliances. They should have safety features such as automatic shut down when the heating is complete. This is necessary as you are usually engrossed in your child and forget that the bottle warmer is on. Also the keeping the bottle warm should also be for a certain period.

5.     Portable

This is a must; there is already enough constriction in your life with the baby’s needs. Choose a bottle warmer that is compact, easy to carry and does not have specific voltage requirements. Some bottle warmers are large and cannot be taken on a trip as they need a specific voltage supply to run.

6.     Size

Bottle warmers are appliances that will stay on your countertop for years. You need to choose something that has multiple functions and does not take up much space.


Choose a bottle warmer that can be used as a sterilizer and is also useful to keep the baby food warm. Go for a compact sized one that can be taken without on trips and is easy to clean.

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