How To Plan and Organize Baby Showers?

Babies are pretty amazing, well so are mothers… and fathers. When it comes celebrating the news, throwing a baby shower is the best way to go about it – it is the perfect celebration. However, if you don’t know what to do, you will end up making all the wrong choices and spend a bit too much for the part. Luckily for you, here are some impeccable ways you can plan a baby shower.

We have carefully selected all the tasks and arrangements that you need to do, to make you a hit as a hostess or host.

1.     Select the theme

There is an abundance of ideas that you can choose from, once you are clear about what theme you want to work with the rest of the arrangements will become fairly easier. The idea is to understand the keep the mindset of the parents-to-be.  If the parents have done a gender reveal, it makes the job even easier for you. You can choose from multiple themes such as Giant baby blocks with alphabets, guests can dress-up or dress down, confetti and so much more.

2.     No ordinary shower

Well, you are the hostess, it should definitely not be ordinary…but keeping that aside if you are arranging a shower for an adopted baby, second or third-time mum or setting up a baby shower at the office you will need to perform some reconnaissance and do a bit of information gathering – like a secret agent.

The trick here is to be well informed, if the baby is being adopted make sure that you know the exact month or even date when the child is coming home; arrange a shower a week or two before that. For a second-time-mother, she has it down, so what do you do? Arrange the party and inform the guests she is expecting a second or third child.

This will help the guest select gifts that are not a necessity or basic. Another challenge may be organizing a bridal shower at the office, where the resources are quite limited and you may not be able to go beyond decorating a certain cubicle. You can always arrange party favors and lunch boxes with the mummy-to-be favorite foods. This makes it easier to project the same thought into the baby shower as you would otherwise.

3.     Venue and invitations

The first step is to see what budget you are working with. If you have to work with a tighter budget do not worry, planning well can get you the perfect party. A quaint little place near a garden or the backyard of your own home or the future mother’s house can be perfect venues without extra charges. A few decorations done right and you are as good as any planner. The invitation actually sets the tone for the baby shower; it should go with the theme and include any special instructions that you may want the guests to know.

4.     Party favors, games, and cakes

Timing is crucial to these elements, ordering a customized cake may require time. It is your duty to know how much time a certain bakery, a party favor shop or the people you are hiring to set up the games will take. Plan accordingly and the rest has to go with the theme.


The key to any successful baby shower knowing the guests and the parents-to-be. Also, keep in mind that “you” are in charge and a successful venture will follow.


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