Double Electric Breast Pump

Breast Pumps

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Trendieonline understands all the needs of a mother who has just entered into motherhood. A newborn needs a lot of attention and care day and night. Breast Feeding is one of the most important part of baby care and a mother’s utmost priority. We understand that many times, it becomes difficult for a mother to feed their child on demand. Breast Pumps come into a mum’s life with a decision of starting feeding their newborns with milk bottles. Trendieonline provides breast pumps that can help you in feeding your newborn anywhere and without any pain.


  • Prevent the reverse.
  • Adjustable suction.
  • Massage function low voice.
  • Bpa free & Plasticizer free.
  • 0% BPA included, non-toxic safe materials.
  • Intuitive and easy assembly, convenient cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Reusable design, maintain your breast milk supply, longer breastfeeding.
  • Ergonomically compact design, easy one-handed manual operation achieved.
  • Soft massage pad.

We all know the importance of breastfeeding for a child. It not only satisfies his hunger but also provide various vitamins and nutrients that play a vital role in a child’s growth. Trendieonline understands this and that is why we have introduced many breast feeding products and each one has its own features and benefits. Buy now and give the best care to your newborn.