Silicone Nipple Protectors

Nipple Protectors

Nipple protectors or shields are helpful for both mothers and their child also.The milk intake of a premature baby increases with the use of a nipple shield. As the infant matures and gains weight, there is no need for the shield. Those mothers who have inverted or flat nipples often struggle with the issue their baby getting pulled away as it becomes difficult for them to draw milk from mother’s nipple. Your baby won’t have any difficult time because Trendieonline provides the soft and give you a time to heal your cracked nipples with our nipple protectors. Make  your and your baby’s a comfort feeding journey with the varieties nipple protectors.


  • Nitrosamine Free
  • Silica gel
  • 100% new

For early latch-on issues, it is advised to use nipple protectors while breastfeeding. It is made of thin and soft silicone which doesn’t interfere with stimulation of nipple. This shield helps in protecting a baby who is ill, premature, or small. A nipple shield makes feeding easier for a weak and small boy. If you are recommended to use nipple shield by the doctor, use the best that won’t affect you and your baby that your baby can easily latch onto. It works as a temporary barrier for mothers breast that won’t crack during feeding. Effectively transfer your milk to your baby with the nipple shields and protectors on Trendieonline.