Tips on how to dress your little one

Tips on How to Dress Up Your Little One
Did you know that by the age of 2 years, a child begins to develop his or her own sense of choosing things? This could be the reason why you may find it hard to dress up your little one lately. As your child probably has his/her own distinctive likes and dislikes by now, all attempts to dress him up according to your taste go in vain.
If you want to dress up your little girl for a party, let her choose between a shiny skirt and a pair of jeans with a flashy t-shirt. The same goes for selecting a pair of shoes. If they are old enough, clarify that some shoes go well with certain outfits while others look odd. Show them pictures explaining the same as arguing and forcing your preferences on them will have little or no effect.
It is rather easier to dress up a boy. However, if your little cowboy wants to wear his favorite Batman costume to a party, let him wear a shirt depicting his favorite superhero instead. As boys are notorious for getting their clothes dirty, choose colors wisely for day or night events. Have at least two to three types of shoes or boots for pairing up with their shorts and jeans for different occasions.
While shopping for clothes and shoes, take your children with you. This not only guides you to know what they like to wear but will also help you buy the best fit for them.

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